In today’s World…

Life all around us has changed. It has become more uncertain and hostile.
We here at Tactical VIP Services are extremely passionate about safety and educating others about self-protection/Self defense.


         The Professionals at Tactical VIP Services are passionate about the safety and education of others on self-protection and self-awareness. With the increased numbers of reported active shooter incidents. 

         Our “Operator/Trainers” Ken Barker and Tom Peyton believe that it is time for citizens to learn to protect each other to STOP the violence. Currently we offer classes for schools, businesses, and Houses of Worship on protecting each individual from active shooters, attackers, intruders, and stalkers. We offer training on situational awareness, close quarters battle (CQB), Active shooter awareness, Handgun classes, and hand to hand self-defense,

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We are happy to announce that Tactical VIP Services has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Loon Lake Awards in the category of Self Defense School. 

U.S LawShield

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NRA basic gun classes and advanced classes with tactical training at our training center.

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"Situational Awareness" something that we at Tactical VIP Services have noticed is not a practiced art today with the new distracting technologies. 

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