In today’s World…

Life all around us has changed. It has become more uncertain and hostile.
We here at Tactical VIP Services are extremely passionate about safety and educating others about self-protection/Self defense.

Between these two men, we have over forty years of experience in personal protection and security techniques.


Ken Barker: Contractor – Trainer

Mr. Barker was an investigator for a large rental company is Seattle WA. for four and a half years. Ken investigated everything from check detail to stolen trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. For over a year and a half, Ken worked for the “NARCO division” of the Fife city police dept. he helped clean up the drug problem in the school system. Ken served in the Washington State Fire Service for twenty years. He was a Washington state Firefighter Instructor and is certified EVAP and EMS.  Ken is also NRA pistol instructor, PDN (Personal Defense Network Pistols) and Magpul (rifles) instructor.

Tom Peyton: Contractor – Trainer

Mr. Peyton is a former law enforcement officer and senior training officer for several Washington state militia units. Tom was an executive board member for the Wyoming Peace Officers association. An NRA certified Expert Marksmen with firearms, a certified instructor for P.P.C.T., trained in Aerosol subject restraints and Electronic Immobilization Devices. Tom is also certified with DHS and FEMA with several emergency procedures,


U.S LawShield

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NRA basic gun classes and advanced classes with tactical training at our training center.

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"Situational Awareness" something that we at Tactical VIP Services have noticed is not a practiced art today with the new distracting technologies. 

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