In today’s World…

Life all around us has changed. It has become more uncertain and hostile.
We here at Tactical VIP Services are extremely passionate about safety and educating others about self-protection/Self defense.



Every business has a beginning, and Tom and Ken met about 10
years ago. We both realize that we had a similar background.  We saw an opportunity that we may be able to
HELP people to better protect themselves by teaching them self-defense in 4
different areas.Those areas are Arms, Hand-to-Hand, CQB/CQC, and Active Shooter/ Situational Awareness.

 Check out the services section, for more information on the the different arease.

U.S LawShield

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NRA basic gun classes and advanced classes with tactical training at our training center.

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"Situational Awareness" something that we at Tactical VIP Services have noticed is not a practiced art today with the new distracting technologies. 

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