In today’s World…

Life all around us has changed. It has become more uncertain and hostile.
We here at Tactical VIP Services are extremely passionate about safety and educating others about self-protection/Self defense.

Self Defense:

There are actually three types of martial arts. There are cultural fighting arts combative sport, and self-defense

This is the short definition!

Self-defense defined is protecting yourself from attack. It sounds simple and it is. The real trick is that there are a million and one different ways you can be attacked. Everything from a drunk tackling you at the local bar to an armed mugging on your way home from work to a carjacking, to being caught in the middle of a military or terrorist operation. Self-defense has one purpose and one purpose only: to survive. And that brings us back to full circle to the fact that survival is dependent on the manipulation of fear into something you can use which is exactly what we are going to cover in this training.

U.S LawShield

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NRA basic gun classes and advanced classes with tactical training at our training center.

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"Situational Awareness" something that we at Tactical VIP Services have noticed is not a practiced art today with the new distracting technologies. 

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